The General Patton Orchid
"Cattleya General Patton"

The Cattleya General Patton Orchid has an interesting history.

Clint McDade, founder of Rivermont Orchids in Signal Mountain, Tennessee originally registered this hybrid as Cattleya Joseph Stalin after the Russian dictator. As Stalin's murderous exploits against his own people became known during World War II, McDade realized his mistake in naming a beautiful orchid after a hateful, vicious, murdering communist. In an attempt to rectify his mistake, McDade contacted the Royal Horticultural Society and begged the society for permission to change the registration name on the hybrid.

In this single, unique case, the RHS agreed and Rivermont was allowed to change the name of the orchid to Cattleya General Patton in honor of the great American general, who at the time was kicking the hell out of the Nazis.

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